We were the pioneers in the past; now we are the benchmark

We evolve your contracting processes so that your company progresses every day in your business goals. Let us go with you on your digital evolution.

we started our jouney

we started our jouney

We began our journey in 2005, becoming the first Spanish Legaltech and generating electronic evidence as the first interposed Trusted Third Party in Europe. We also were the first to use a distributed evidence matrix (DLT Technology).

These characteristics have enabled us to provide evidence generation services by interposition to the largest companies in the country, currently having a transactional experience of 115 million electronic transactions and 61 million electronic signatures. These data have also contributed to our international expansion.

These data have also contributed to our international expansion in Latin America from our central office in Mexico CDMX.

Commitment and responsibility

Logalty Group Code of Ethics

This is the action framework for all employees and managers in our Group as they carry out their professional activities, reflecting the values and principles that define the culture of the Group and the companies within it.

See the Logalty Group Code of Ethics.

Internal Information System Regulation

The Logalty Group, faithful to its commitment to workers, the principles of good governance and regulatory compliance, enables an Internal Information System, in order to prevent and detect any irregular, illegal, criminal or discriminatory conduct.

See the Internal Information System Regulation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading and innovative company in digital identity and trust services with an Interposed Trusted Third Party.

Vision Statement

To be the best choice for the generation of trust in online contracting, notification, and communication to help our clients in their processes, reducing their costs, improving their efficiency and reinforcing the legal and technological security of their processes.

Values Statement

  • Generosity

  • Courage

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Commitment to our customers