Involvement and commitment

A company based on ESG principles requires this and much more.

“Substituting paper for electronic contracting and notifications is in our DNA. We are the perfect partner for companies that include reducing CO2 emissions, deforestation and water consumption in their goals.”
María Dolores Pescador. Executive Chairman.
RESPECT, as a way to be and act

RESPECT, as a way to be and act

Being a company based on ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance) criteria means not only involvement and commitment, but also a way of being and acting in the business world with RESPECT.


RESPECT FROM OUR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. Through the decisions made that affect the rest of our shareholders. Always with a focus on sustainability, ensuring the company’s strategy follows the same line.


RESPECT FOR SOCIETY. Our corporate values reflect our commitment to people and to communities as a whole. We want to digitally connect people who otherwise would not be connected.


RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. As a digital company, we help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint through our services. Together, we can reduce CO2 emissions and make a positive impact.

Commitment and responsibility

Logalty Group Code of Ethics

This is the action framework for all employees and managers in our Group as they carry out their professional activities, reflecting the values and principles that define the culture of the Group and the companies within it.


See the Logalty Group Code of Ethics.

Complaints Channel

Its objective is to receive and handle complaints about irregularities or breaches of the principles and values of the CESCE Group included in its Code of Ethics.


Read more about the Complaints Channel.

We support the SDGs in the Global Compact


We are part of this initiative, respecting the principles set out and working to achieve the sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda. We are also involved in the outreach campaign, so that more and more companies are working for a better future. We meet 11 SDGs, find out more here.