Electronic Notification

Report important information from electronic media

Your notifications with acknowledgement of receipt

Send relevant information accrediting receipt by the recipient, with content integrity and delivery date using our certified electronic notification service.

Your notifications with acknowledgement of receipt

Do you know how it works?


You send us the content of the notification along with the recipient’s data.


We contact the user by SMS and/or email (depending on your preferences).


The user accepts and signs the notification according to the method chosen.


Both parties receive a certificate with evidence of what happened during the process.

Guarantees from the very outset

Why should you choose our electronic notification? Because this allows you to reduce printing, travel, and paper storage costs in addition to having full evidential value and judicial validity.

  • 100% confidential.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Legal validity.

  • Less environmental impact.

Logalsend, Logalty's electronic and postal notifications manager

Multichannel Solution

We centralize in a single platform the electronic sending of notifications with relevant documentation by companies ensuring evidence.

Our own management system

You will be able to integrate all our services in your day-to-day operations in a simple way thanks to our platform.

A team of experts at your service

Integrate your notification processes with postal delivery with a single tool in an agile and simple way, with our service proposal: Logalsend.

What is certified notification used for?

  • Notification of debt claims
  • Changes in the clauses of contracts with clients and suppliers
  • Notification of debt claims to open possible procedures for payment orders
  • Notification of a credit assignment agreement
  • The release of a payment liabilities
  • Contract termination notice
  • Notifications for any labor aspect related to employees

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