Insurance Sector

Streamline your business by automating your contracting, notification, and communication processes

Your new contracts fully secure

We ease your contracting process, improving the user experience. We generate security and provide peace of mind when signing, increasing the ratio of signed contracts and returned to the insurer.

New Digital Services

Digitize and streamline your business through our electronic contracting service, eliminating paper and saving time and costs with maximum security. We provide digital services in compliance with PLD.

Transactions from any device

We offer an omnichannel, multi-document, and multi-device solution: we perform complete transactions from any contact channel, through both agents and insurance brokers in any device.

“We generate electronic evidence to provide your process with legal robustness”

  • Contract signature:

    • General insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Contractual consent
    • Coinsurance policies
    • User registration in the entity or website
    • Suppliers
  • Electronic communication:

    • Debt prior notices
    • Renewals or terminations
    • Sending signed contracts
    • Contractual clauses changes

Electronic notifications:

  • Debt claims
  • Changes in the existing contractual clauses
  • Contract termination
  • Information on casualties
  • Staff issues
  • Insurance cancellation

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