Retail Sector

Highlight your purchase process with technology, innovation, and online legal security

A global business model

We make possible to identify customers and reach agreements at any place in the world from any device.

New business models

Nowadays, due to the creation of the digital single market and the elimination of barriers, it is necessary to reinvent yourself and transform your business model.

Better relationships with your clients

Our electronic contracting service allows you to speed up your signature processes with all the mains actors related to your business, building brand loyalty. Encourage a greater and better digital relationship with your customers by providing them with security and building trust.

“We generate electronic evidence to provide your process with legal robustness”

  • Contract signature:

    • Suppliers
    • Financing
    • Contractual consents
    • User registration in the entity or website
  • Electronic communication:

    • Maturities
    • Debt prior notices
    • Renewals or terminations

Electronic notifications:

  • Debt claims
  • Changes in the existing contractual clauses
  • Contract termination
  • Labor aspect related to employees
  • Contract cancellation

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