It is a signature on an electronic device that allows its capture and verification of its biometric information. While writing on the screen, the device’s sensor captures the signatory’s biometric data (such as speed, dynamism and stroke pressure), thus guaranteeing his/her identity.


A digital certificate is a computer file electronically signed by a certification service provider that links signature verification data to a signatory confirming his/her identity. The data structure signature groups the information contained so that an alteration can not occur without being detected.

It is an overlapping line on the spine of each document with Logalty stamp, GUID and date.

It is a distributed test matrix. A record of evidence is scattered among several custodians (public notaries). All of them should be involved to alter the matrix. It is ultimately the same technology that supports blockchain and the rest of the distributed records that operate worldwide. Logalty has pioneered this technology since 2007.


eIDAS stands for electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services. This European system of recognition of electronic identities sets the standards for electronic identification and trust services on electronic transactions within the single European market.

Equal to a handwritten signature, this is a legal concept by which the content of the message on electronic support is accepted.


GUID stands for “Globally Unique Identifier” but it is also known as “Operation identifier/ID” or Logalty sending/operation/transaction ID/identifier

This number is embedded in each page of the documents sent, linking both the issuer and the recipient to the documents sent and serving as an identifier element between Logalty and its third parties (notaries, time stamping,…), regardless of the format and type of document.

GUID number sample: 001001-0001-000000000XXXXXX.par


It is the content integrity number of the deposited documents. It is a mathematical algorithm used in electronic signatures. Each transaction has its own unique Hash. By only changing 1 bit of the electronic document, the Hash would be different, so it identifies a single document unequivocally. It is usually composed of 40 digits, although this figure may vary depending on the type of Hash used.

The Hash allows us to objectively prove that the content of the document sent is the one that was delivered to Logalty for its sending and was not modified at any time.


Logalty is a trust service provider that intervenes and guarantees legal security in online transactions, generating evidence about the operations performed on its platform, between companies or individuals. Logalty certifies and safeguards all the processes generated during the electronic transactions in a neutral and independent way. Furthermore, to guarantee the integrity of the process avoiding any subsequent manipulation, the content of the documents is filed before a notary.

Logalty intermediates between the parties involved in a process requiring legal guarantees, by providing objective evidence of the operation made, its time and result, becoming admissible evidence in court.


One-Time Operation Code or One-Time Password: Sent via SMS, it enables to get a certified validation that increases user security by generating robust evidence of each access and reducing technical complexity.


All operations made with Logalty, both postal and electronic.Each operation has a Unique Global Identification Number (GUID) assigned.