Digital Certificates

The digital identity of legal and natural persons with legal recognition within the European Unión.

We are included in the UE Trusted List

This means that Logalty is considered a qualified trust service provider in accordance with the important Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014, of July 23 (eIDAS Regulation), offering services for issuing qualified certificates, with an administrative authorization granted by the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (part of the Ministry of Economy and Business)

You can check all Logalty qualified certificates on the EU official website:

We are included in the UE Trusted List

Digital certificates for natural persons

They are used to verify the identity of a natural person with whom we must remotely interact, and thanks to them we avoid obtaining documentation proving their personal identity and setting an electronic authentication mechanism.

Legal person digital certificates

These certificates serve to verify the identity of an organization, whether a commercial company, a foundation or association or even an entity without legal personality. Unlike the electronic signature, with them, the authenticity of the origin of the sealed data is proven, as well as its integrity, which allows communications between companies and consumers.

And also for your website

These certificates serve to accredit the identity of a website. The integrity and confidentiality of communications over the Internet are guaranteed through the HTTPS protocol, and that is one of the main strategies in the fight against Internet fraud, especially against phishing.

These certificates meet Extended Validation SSL security guidelines.

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