ID Card Identity Validation

Validation and data extraction of ID documents

We enhance your customer identification processes

We extract the information and verify the security parameters of the ID documents guaranteeing their authenticity and legitimacy and avoiding forgeries.

We enhance your customer identification processes

Do you know how it works?


You send us the user’s ID document you want us to validate.


We send by email or SMS an access link to the user to attach or capture the documents.


Once we receive the identity documents, we extract data user, check their validity ,and issue the result.


Finally, we generate a certificate with all process data and validation results, guarding all electronic evidence obtained if it is required.

Regulatory compliance

The information guarded will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

International standard

Our ID Card service recognizes numerous types of ID documents from many countries, which are also compatible with international standards for machine-readable ID documents.

  • What documents can be validated?

    • National ID Cards
    • Regular and electronic passports
    • Visas
    • Driving licenses, others
  • How does the process start?

    • Via Mobile phone: user's documents are verified at any time and anywhere from his mobile device.
    • Via computer with webcam: it verifies the documentation provided, validating his identity from where the user is.

ID Card validation Service

With our ID Card Validation service, your customers can identify themselves showing photographs of their ID documents made with their mobile devices, thus avoiding moving.

We have technical and software solutions from well-known manufacturers, which allow us to periodically review the services, continuously bringing added value to their functionalities.

  • We solve the remote validation of ID documents.

  • We extract all the fields from the documents to be incorporated into the processes.

  • We help prevent identity forgery.

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