DigitalSign and Logalty join forces to form one of the largest electronic signature business groups in Europe

  • DigitalSign is the leading company for electronic signatures and digital certification in the Portuguese market and is one of the most important ones in the Brazilian market.
  • DigitalSign has over 180 employees across Portugal and Brazil. Together, the two companies will have a joint turnover of more than 30 million euros per year.
  • As a result of this union, Logalty will begin to offer its products and services in Portugal and Brazil, and DigitalSign will do the same in the Spanish market.

Logalty, a leading company in the Spanish Legal Tech sector providing technological solutions for identification, notification, and certified contractingand DigitalSign, a leader in Portugal and one of the key players in Brazil for issuing and processing digital certificates, have reached an agreement to unite under one group. This union will result in the creation of the leading group in the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) sector in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the key players across the whole of Europe.

After this union, both companies will maintain their own management but broaden their range of products and services. DigitalSign will offer its range of services and solutions in Spain through Logalty, while Logalty will do the same with its solutions through DigitalSign in Portugal and Brazil. As for the founders of DigitalSign, Fernando Moreira and Alvaro Matos, they will continue to work at the head of the company in Portugal and Brazil while María Dolores Pescador will continue to manage the group in Spain. With this union, the group will increase its annual turnover to over 30 million euros.

Founded in 2001, DigitalSign has over 180 direct employees across Portugal and Brazil and offers a full range of solutions and services in the fields of digital identity and onboarding, digital certifications, and electronic signatures. This is to help organisations digitalise all their business operations with state-of-the-art technology that is easy to use and efficient. It is tailor-made for a variety of sectors: everything from banking to retail, health and public services, among other sectors. The goal of the company, in line with that of Logalty in Spain, is to foster compliance, security, trust, and sustainability while promoting the digital transformation of these companies.

In this respect, Fernando Moreira and Alvaro Matos, the founders of DigitalSign, comment “We are very excited for the new growth opportunities in new markets that this union represents, as well as the additional product offerings that will strengthen our leadership. We have the best expectations for this partnership and great faith in the Logalty team.”

The President of the Logalty Group, Maria Dolores Pescador, also says “This is a very important day for Logalty because it represents our official launch outside of Spain. Our purpose has always been to help our clients accelerate their digital evolution, so we couldn’t imagine a better union to expand that purpose to other countries than that with DigitalSign. Our union strengthens the presence of both companies on the Iberian Peninsula, in Europe, and South America, and will create numerous synergies for our clients. We will be able to offer them new services and products in Spain while also branching out to new markets in Europe and South America.”

After the acquisitions of RegTech Solutions and SmartBiometrik, this deal represents a further step in the growth strategy set out for the company by MCH Private Equity, along with Ardian Growth and Swen Capital Partners. It also marks another step forward in the Group’s investment in digital evolution and innovation, by integrating services that will add to those already offered by Logalty.