Electronic service modules to streamline the direct channel

We have adapted the direct access to Logalty to help our clients perform transactions quickly and securely with Electronic Solutions.

All our efforts focus on ensuring that commercial activity can continue, without the need for the physical presence of the signatories, taking advantage of direct channels on the Internet. We are providing solutions that complement those already implemented, so that the entire business can be run through the Internet channel.

The attached presentation sets forth information on the available modules, which can be provided in a quick and agile manner with all the legal assurances and IT security guarantees that Logalty has to offer. The great advantage is that it is possible to activate the service without the need for integration, in that they are web applications that are implemented on the same day.

The Digital Platform offers the following services and modules.

  1. Loading of Structured Identity Documents and Identity Validation
  2. Loading of Unstructured Documents
  3. Electronic contracting
  4. Electronic communication
  5. GDPR consent

All these services will have a web console from where it is possible to control all Identity, Contracting, Communication and Consent operations, as well as obtain reports and information to easily monitor said operations.

In addition, for existing clients it is possible to maintain customisations (look & feel) that have already been activated for each of the senders that are indicated for the entire process.

All this is already available for our clients, as well as for new clients.