Electronic contracting and labour agreements in the era of COVID-19

Since it is not possible to sign new agreements in person, in order to correctly modify the labour conditions between companies and individuals in response to the situation caused by COVID-19, Certified Electronic Contracting is now necessary.

Verbal agreements or unilateral notifications by companies to employees do not offer sufficient guarantees of all the adjustments involved in remote working, reduced hours, wage changes and other job-related agreements. The intermediation of a Third Party is needed to manage the relationship between the parties – employer and employee – with tangible guarantees and legal robustness, for new agreements to be concluded fairly, with the employee’s full knowledge so that informed consent can be granted.

Logalty provides security in contracting

Logalty acts as a neutral, independent Intermediating Third Party between the two parties to a contract, thus guaranteeing the contracting process itself and generating and safeguarding electronic evidence of the events that is valid in labour courts.

Logalty helps guarantee the contents, ensuring that the documents sent by the company are the same as the ones signed by the employee, contract formalisation, sending the resulting accredited certificate showing the parties involved, and the traceability of the operation for transaction integrity.

By including Logalty as an Intermediating Third Party, the parties are assured full operational guarantees, thus reducing both operational risks and costs while increasing the security, efficiency and speed of the processes.

The Certified Electronic Contracting service can be used for different purposes, and there are numerous electronic contracting needs in each sector, so Logalty adapts to each of these needs to comply with current regulations.