R,D+i award for the MOVILCOP LOGALTY IPH solution

LOGALTY, a company offering third-party services through intermediation in digital transactions, is participating, along with CLEVERSPECTRO, which specialises in digitisation solutions, in the proposed MOVILCOP LOGALTY IPH solution aimed at simplifying and modernising the technology of the new Approved Police Report (IPH, in Spanish).

MOVILCOP LOGALTY IPH poses a technological challenge whose main objective is to offer the Police Force a comprehensive solution that enables them to efficiently and effectively fulfil the requirement of the National Police Policy and the National Public Security Council to simplify and modernise the technology of the new Approved Police Report.

Logalty has played an essential role in the solution designed, by incorporating electronic communication processes containing an electronic signature and a certified copy of the document. Also included are control mechanisms for content integrity, evidence of delivery of documents and registration and custody of all the electronic evidence.

The third edition of the Mexican National Security and Emergency Awards was held on 6 November 2019. These awards, hosted by USECNETWORK International Magazine, acknowledge the outstanding work of security and emergency institutions and professionals in the public and private sectors. The ceremony offers the perfect opportunity to highlight policies and activities performed, and increases company prestige. In addition, it facilitates networking in the security and emergency industry and fosters exchanges of experience and knowledge, helping develop a broad network of contacts.

There were eight categories in the awards ceremony, the most relevant of which is the award for individual activity deserving recognition. One of the winners was the MOVILCOP LOGALTY IPH solution, in which Logalty contributes with its services, for which it was awarded the R&D+i Award for Security and Emergencies along with CleverSpectro, a leader in digitisation technology solutions in Latin America. Juan Miguel Carreño, Director of Business Development for Logalty Mexico, and José Ramón Casillas, CEO of CLeverSpectro, received the award.

This recognition comes as a result of the new proposed technology solution developed for public security: MOVILCOP LOGALTY IPH. As mentioned at the ceremony, this technology platform enables the National Guard and State and Municipal Police Forces to harmonise, standardise and record approved police reports (IPH), allowing them to be digitised in real time, rendering them tamper-proof and ensuring the proper chain of custody, thus modernising public police work and achieving the strategic alignment of many of the needs involved, to adequately bolster public security policies.